Welcome to online cloud gazing where you can discover hidden images in the clouds.

How to use this site:

Cloud gaze on your own, or share this site with friends and discover how often each person sees completely different images in the same cloud formations.
Take time to view each cloud photo.
Notice images as they become clear to you.
You will find that some images are just images, while others may have special meaning for you.
There is never a correct or incorrect interpretation.



Each month 10 new drawings will be placed on the website so you can draw and print. To use the interactive function you must have Flash Player 9.0. This is a free plug-in and can be acquired here:

How to outline the cloud image you see:

● Open the interactive session by clicking the "Let's Draw" button at the bottom of the page. Draw what you see and print.


Share your interpretations:

To share your cloud image interpretations for possible use online, or in the authorís workshops or future books, mail the image along with an explanation of what it means to you to: